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About us

About SEMCO Teak Products

We’re a Family Business Focused on One Thing: Teak

SEMCO was invented by my dad, Lawrence Serra, in 1976 when he could not find any product on the market to keep his teak looking good. While not setting out to be in this business he was quickly overwhelmed with requests for his new teak sealer. The rest is history.

SEMCO is used on pleasure boats, aboard cruise ships, in theme parks and is recommended by major teak furniture dealers. We proudly count several boat, canoe, and furniture manufacturers, as well as prominent hotels and shopping centers, among our customers.

Larry Serra, SEMCO Teak Products, Inc.

Protecting Your Teak Furniture Using SEMCO Teak Sealer

As your furniture ages, without sealing it will turn grey and mildewy. This dramatically changes the appearance of teak. While the furniture may remain strong, without proper care it will look old and unkempt.

When applied correctly, SEMCO Teak Sealer is totally invisible. It does not change the color of the wood in any way. Instead, it protects teak’s natural appearance without altering its finish.

Why SEMCO Should Be Used Instead of “Teak Oils” or Varnish

“Teak oils”, which are typically made with mineral spirits infused with linseed or tung oil, are insufficient to care for your teak furniture long term- this is especially true of outdoor furniture.

Furniture left outdoors will wear away teak oils in a matter of weeks, requiring another application to restore the look and “protection” offered by the teak oil. Over time, the teak changes color as it becomes darker as a result of continued applications. The texture and finish of the wood also changes and becomes sticky, collecting dirt and organic debris as a result. Eventually, this creates an ideal environment for mildew.

Varnish also produces an excellent initial result, though it is pressed out of the teak as the wood’s natural oils rise to the surface. This can make the teak look blotchy. In order to restore its original appearance, it then needs to be sanded and refinished.

Needless to say, both teak oil and varnish are ultimately damaging to teak furniture.

How to Use SEMCO Teak Products to Keep Your Teak Looking Like New

With proper care, your teak furniture will last a lifetime. SEMCO Teak Products are designed to keep your teak looking great throughout its entire life.

Before using any products on your furniture, remember these points:

  • The teak must be completely dry before using any teak cleaner or sealer - Wet teak inhibits absorption of the products, greatly reducing their effectiveness.

  • Weathered or damaged teak must be repaired before being finished - Weathered teak (grey/mildewy) must be cleaned prior to being treated. Use our Two Part Teak Sealer.

    When teak is newly milled or has been sanded with a mechanical sander, the heat from those processes will burnish or polish the natural oils in the wood. The dust created from sanding teak is very fine and oily- it will clog the pores of the wood.

    These two phenomena cause the "waxy" feeling of new wood. This burnished oil and dust must be removed prior to finishing. The finish will not soak into the burnished areas and the dust will absorb the finish and eventually be washed away causing a blotchy appearance.

Applying Our Products

If your teak has never been finished before, or if it has already been finished with SEMCO Teak Sealer, skip the cleaning step as it is unnecessary.

Step One: Cleaning Your Teak Furniture

To clean your teak furniture and prepare it for finishing, remove any part of it that is not being cleaned. Anything that could be damaged by the cleaner, such as fabric, should be removed or shielded.

Note: SEMCO Two Part Teak Cleaner will not harm your lawn or siding/furniture made of fibreglass, but it may discolor painted or finished surfaces. Always wear rubber gloves and goggles when handling teak cleaner.

Wet the teak down thoroughly and then spray part 1 (red container) on a small area. When spraying, overlap somewhat to ensure an even application. Use an abrasive pad, such as a Scotch Brite or a soft-bristled brush, and scrub the area with mild to moderate intensity. This will turn the wood a deep brown color.

Rinse thoroughly, and then apply part 2 (green container) and scrub. This process will lighten the wood. Once done, the teak will look lighter and cleaner. Once again, rinse thoroughly.

Repeat this process on any stained areas.

Step Two: Applying the Finish

Ensure that the wood is completely dry. Thoroughly shake/mix the sealer.

Using a foam-tipped brush, paint the sealer onto the wood. Let the wood absorb as much or as little sealer as it wants. Don’t worry about overlap- it will not be visible when complete.

Once you have finished the first coat, immediately apply the second coat. Use a rag to wipe up any excess sealer.

Allow the furniture to stand at least 24 hours before using it. Note that rain or low temperatures will lengthen this time requirement.